Kingsburg High School

Daily Bulletin

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

EVEN Periods


Daily Reminders

·         Students:  Now is the time to complete the COVID questionnaire.  This must be completed at the very start of your first class each day.  Teachers, please take time to check student computers for the completion of the survey.  Thank you.  (Phelan)



·         Baseball workouts will resume TODAY at 3:15 on the Varsity Field.  All players must have a current physical and be cleared on Home Campus in order to practice.  If you have any questions about clearance issues, see Coach Cranford or Mrs. Lund.  You will need a mask. Tennis shoes, cleats and your glove.  (Cranford)

·         Drama Club will meet on Thursday at 11:00 in the Little Theater for a yearbook picture.  (Mynderup).


·         The Ribbons of Hope club will be having a meeting at the start of transition on Thursday to discuss the new ideas and plans they have for this semester.  The club and their upcoming projects are open to all students on campus.  All you need to do is join their Google Classroom to stay updated!


·         Seniors!  Do you need help applying for financial aid?  It can be an intimidating process but there is help.  Take advantage of FAFSA Drop in Days in the CCC!   Financial Aid Help will be offered both online and in person on January 20th from 8-11:30 and January 21 from 11:30-2:30. The Zoom link for the morning and afternoon sessions is posted in the Class of 2021 Google Classroom. 


·         Are you feeling a little “hangry”?  Remember that the Math Club is still selling Rice Krispie treats!  Get yours from a Math Club member today.  (Williams)


·         All students interested in participating in Track and Field this year.... practice will begin on Monday, February 1st at 3:30 PM in the stadium.  All students must be cleared on Home Campus in order to participate.  Please see Mrs. Lund or Mr. Hodges if you need help with the Home Campus clearance. 


Birthday Celebrations


Monday 1/18

Happy Birthday to Violeta L. and Jiselle M.


Tuesday 1/19

Happy Birthday to Juan I.R., Eliana M., Jacob S., Isabella V., and Jake V.


Wednesday 1/20

Happy Birthday to Sydney B., April Q., Lorne R., Gildardo V.S., and Alexandro V.


Thursday 1/21

Happy Birthday to Michelle B., and Sarina F.T.


Friday 1/22

Happy Birthday to Nesha C., Diana L., and Carlos Z.R.


This Weekend....lots to celebrate!

Happy Birthday to Isaiah A., Michael D., Phillip R., Neli S., Jacob C. and Monique G.

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