Kingsburg High School

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Bulletin #173 Odd Schedule


Memorial Day, Monday, May 27th


Attention Teachers and all Students:

       Laptop check-in will be next Tuesday for all seniors during 1st period and for grades 9-11 on Wednesday during 2nd period. You must bring your laptop charged, along with the case and charger, to turn in. You must turn in your laptop to receive your yearbook. (Mr. Davis)


       Elementary Aides: Friday, May 31st will be your last day of this class. Monday, June 3rd (and during finals) "ALL" Elementary Aides are to report to KHS main office. Attendance will be taken.
(Mr. Sembritzki)

       ATTN: CSF Lifetime members-please pick-up your cord and pin from Mrs. Lund next week.

       Summer Ball practice on Tuesday, May 28th at 3:00 on the Varsity field. (Mr. Cranford)

       Yearbooks will be distributed next week so make sure to buy yours if you haven't done so. They are $80. (Mrs. Lund)


       The Ribbons of Hope Club will be having a meeting, Tuesday, May 28th, to discuss next year's events.
(Ms. Phillips)

       Attention Math Club members! The end of the year party is Wednesday, May 29 during lunch in room 49!! If you know someone who is interested in joining us next year, bring them along.
(Mrs. Williams and Mr. Harvey)

In the World of Sports

       No sporting events to report for today Tuesday, May 28th!



Happy Birthday to: Kailey Emmersen, Joseph Garcia, Nadja Rosenfeld, Brianna Vela, Caitlyn Vela, Vanessa Villanueva and our friends that celebrated their birthday over Memorial Day weekend!